Creative Home Buys Testimonials

Quite often homeowners fall behind on their payments due to:
divorce, loss of job, illness and many other factors. Creative Home Buys can help most homeowners by buying their house as is for cash with no realtor fees. This alone saves the average homeowner $10,000-$15,000.00.

Creative Home Buys Testimonials - Stop Foreclosure

Louise contacted us and we met at her property the same day. After we took a tour of the  property we made her a cash offer and she accepted and we closed the deal.  Call Creative Home Buys to learn how we can help you 720-263-4447


Foreclosure Testimonial - Creative Home Buys

Nancy husband passed away  and she needed help with probate, we got our attorney involved to help her get appointed Personal Representative of the Estate and we bought her house for cash.  She picked up her check at closing!
Please call 720-263-4447 to receive a fair cash offer for your home.
Thank you